Phone System Catalog

Choose the correct phone system that will best suite your needs.

Panasonic KX-TDA50. One of Panasonic’s most cost effective phone systems for business with the needs of less then 24 phones.

The KX-NS700 is new for 2015 that will expand to as many as 96 phones with it’s multi cabinet capability

Panasonic KX-TDE. Available in a 100 version for mid size business with the needs of less then 64 phones and more then 24 phones. The 200 can expand easily to fit a business with the needs of up to 200 phones. The 600 model will expand to almost 900 phones or more.

All of the Panasonic Phone Systems are capable of all the latest advanced features in today’s newer phone systems.

The NEC SL1100 is NEC’s most powerful and affordable phone system to date that can expand to as many as 96 digital phones and more with it’s VoIP capability. The SL1100 also has a lot of advanced features available.

The NEC SV8100 series available in a 8100 model to small business, and 8300 model for mid size to large business, and an 8500 for large business such as a school campus of a large hotel.

The NEC SV9100 is the latest model phone system available from NEC that has taken the place of the SV8100 series. If you have the taste for a high end looking phone the NEC SV9100 is the phone system for you.